in the spirit of 'gadugi' - working together

Osiyo Brothers, Sisters and Friends,                     

The Cherokee Community of Central California is an 'At Large' group which means outside the Nations boundaries.  We have come together to solve problems of the people living away from our homeland.  Many of us were brought by our parents, grandparents, and others to find work and make a new life for their families.  With the Nations help, our goal is to educate our people of our heritage, language, and to help our brothers and sisters.  We wish to preserve our culture with classes, events, health issues, and registration.  The CC of CC (Cherokee Community of Central CA) meets monthly to address issues concerning us locally so that we may be a stronger nation.  Volunteers and membership work really hard to make this happen by teaching the Cherokee way of Life, drumming, dancing, singing, craftsmanship, and traditional cooking methods as well as our famous fry bread.  You are welcome to join us as we endeavor to have a better life for the Cherokee People.        Wado

DEFINING our organization

We are an official satellite community of the Cherokee Nation. Our mission and purpose - The Cherokee Community of Central California (CC of CC) is a community of Cherokees and other people who are interested in Cherokee culture, heritage, tradition, and fellowship,  We are a non-political, non-profit, Native American organization whose members reside outside the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation and Bands.  We have organized on the foundation of our shared heritage and history and because of our love for the Cherokee Nation and its people.

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